Hi there,

Welcome to my digital garden. My name is Aymen and I am a web developer Based in Brussels but I am kinda universal hihi...

My mother is originally from Belarus but she used to live in Russia so we have Russian citizenship. My father is from Tunisia and I was born in Koweit.

I have been living in Brussels for around 7 years now where I work as a freelance Front-end developer.

I am also a JS geek (Love javascript) and am an active member of the community. I am the founder of BeJS: A JavaScript community in Belgium and I manage a weekly newsletter about JavaScript. I also contribute to open source projects such as lion. By the way, I am a huge React fan and enthusiast.
I also recently announced the First React conference in Brussels! So if you wanna join us for a day full of React hot topics and fun, get your ticket here: React Brussels

I will use this domain to publish articles about the things I am passionate about. There will be articles about Coding, JavaScript, Involvement in the community, Organizing community events, and Travelling.

Simpsons style picture of Aymen

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